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Evans, Claxton Police Reports -- Jan. 15
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Evans Sheriff’s Arrests
    * James T. Easterling, 24, Turnpike Road—suspended/revoked license.
    * Grayling Brewton, 52, North Littles Street—theft by conversion.
    * Carlos Dos Santos Barahona, 19, South Part Loop Drive (Glennville)—driving without license, speeding.
    * Timothy Alexander Williams, 26, Rosemary Street—driving without license.
    * Starsheenma Lovett, 32, West James Street—DUI of alcohol, open container violation.
    * Cedric Williams, 26, North Ralph Street—disorderly conduct, obstruction of officers.
    * James Edward Blake, 27, West James Street—disorderly conduct, obstruction of officers.
    * Daniel Cordero, 36, Highway 301 North (Statesboro)—suspended/revoked license, defective equipment.
    * Luis Salas, 18, Highway 280 East (Daisy)—driving without license, no proof of insurance, expired tag.
    * Johnny Blidge, 51, East Grove Point Road (Savannah)—driving without license.
    * Albert Eugene Johnson, 27, Claxton—parole violation.
    * Larry Christopher Berry, 38, Blitch Street (Metter)—probation warrant.
    * Bennie Dean Anderson, 46, East Smith Street—obstruction of officers, battery.

Evans Sheriff’s Incidents
    * LOVETT’S TRAILER PARK—A woman said there were females at her residence arguing and wanting to fight.
    * BOB SMALL ROAD—A woman said she thought her ex-boyfriend may be parked near her driveway.
    * MOSLEY ROAD—A complainant said her firearm was stolen.
     * ARUBA ROAD—A woman said there was a black male with an army jacket on who she did not recognize knocking on her door.
    * BIRD BACON ROAD—A complainant said her brother took her vehicle without her permission.
    * FRANKS AUTO SERVICE—A complainant said while he was working on a car, the tag was stolen.
    * JAMAL DRIVE—A caller stated a white truck was sitting in her yard.
    * SETTLEMENT ROAD—A woman reported that her back door window was broken when she came home, and she later found her car door open.
    * BLOCKER TRAILER PARK—A woman stated that it sounded like someone had thrown an object that hit her car.
    * JONES AVENUE—A complainant took her child to the emergency room with a broken arm, which the mother reported happening while the child was with the babysitter.
    * RIVERSIDE PLAZA—A man said after leaving his vehicle in the parking lot, he returned to find his windshield and taillights broken.
    * EAST EDGEWOOD—A caller stated her mother had been shot at.
    * ALAN SIKES ROAD—A complainant said his mail box was knocked down, and there may be two others damaged nearby.
    * COUNTDOWN CLUB (Hagan)—Someone called to report hearing guns shots as well as loud music.
    * MOSLEY ROAD—A woman said her father-in-law came to her residence, broke a window in the house, and made threats to her.

Claxton Police Arrests
    * None to report for the week.

Claxton Police Incidents
    * COMPLETE CAR CARE—A complainant said unknown subjects broke into his business and took $20 in change.
    * ANDERSON AVENUE—A woman said she and her father got into a fight that turned physical.
    * EAST LIBERTY STREET—A woman reported her bag stolen out of her vehicle.
    * EAST JAMES STREET—A man said his children were left at home alone when someone was suppose to be watching him.
    * NORTH COLLEGE STREET—A woman reported having problems with her neighbors’ animals.
    * BAILEY STREET—Someone reported hearing gun shots.
    * FRED’S—Someone reported juveniles shoplifting.
    * NORTH GRADY STREET—A brother and sister, both intoxicated, were reported arguing.
    * ROLLING OAKS II APARTMENTS—A woman reported a missing person who was later located.
    * SOUTH ANDERSON STREET—A complainant said someone was knocking on her’s and other nearby residents’ doors.
    * MCDONALD’S—A man wearing a black jacket and black hat was taking pictures of women as they came into the restaurant. He was told to leave and never come back.