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Evans, Claxton Police reports - 8-13-11 - RENTOWN-A complainant said someone slashed his tires-
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Claxton Police Arrests
Anthony Johnson, American Inn-theft by shoplifting.
Homar Domingo, 25, no street address listed-pedestrian under the influence.
Richard Dustin Bath, 27, S. River St.-burglary.

Claxton Police Incidents
SOUTH RIVER STREET-Someone reported two parties were having a dispute.
RENTOWN-A complainant said someone slashed the tires of their Toyota Tacoma pickup and their Isuzu moving van.

Evans Sheriff's Arrests
Christopher Earl Warsham, 35, Alps Road (Gay)-DUI of alcohol.
Amly G. Clark, 49, Highway 292 West (Collins)-driving without license.
Ryan Dexter Daily, 39, North Carroll Wood Drive (Stone Mountain)-suspended/revoked license, seat belt violation.
Jonathan Patrick Brabham, 21, McLaws Road (Guyton)-driving without license.
Derek Lindsey Strickland, 33, Issac Road (Hagan)-obstruction of officers.
Richard Allen Hargett, 41, Highway 169-suspended/revoked license, open container violation, DUI of alcohol, burglary.
Joy Joann Witchell, 43, O. Collins Rd-battery.
Joseph Graves, 42, West Ceder Avenue (Hagan)-suspended/revoked license.
Clinton Matthew Denton, 29, Brewton Collins Road-DUI of alcohol, suspended/revoked license, habitual violator.
Heliodoro Pablo Calixto, 25, North River Street-failure to maintain lane, driving without license.
Lindsey Altman, III, 56, West Cedar Avenue-suspended/revoked license.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
PONDEROSA ROAD-A man said someone stole his blue nose pit bull dog from his residence.
BOWEN ROAD-A complainant said a woman stole two checks from him.
SUNBURY ROAD-A woman said she backed over her land lord's lawnmower causing damage to her vehicle.
MOSLEY ROAD-A complainant said his pond house was broken into and games and guns were stolen.
GROVES PLANTATION-A woman said a Fed-Ex truck just ran into her house.
BROAD STREET-A woman said someone stole her child's bike.
STANFIELD LANE-A man said his ex-wife keeps threatening him via text/cell phone.
BREWTON CEMETARY-A woman said her concrete bench was stolen from a family grave.
HAMPTON ROAD-A complainant stated someone shot through her window, and the bullet traveled through the woods and struck the house.
BAY BRANCH CHURCH ROAD-A man said he wanted his drunk son arrested.
HIGHWAY 301-A woman said a man threatened her, telling her he was going to shoot her and her dog.