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Evans, Claxton Police reports - 7-30-11 - BURKHALTER CIRCLE-A female was found injured
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Claxton Police Arrests
Paulette E. Smith, 26, Jeanette Street-driving while unlicensed, child not in child restraint.
Carl Chavious, 53, Moody Lane-driving while license suspended, obedience to traffic control devices.

Claxton Police Incidents
RIVER STREET-Someone reported a domestic dispute.
NORTH RIVER STREET-A complainant reported someone giving terroristic threats.
NORTH DUVAL STREET-A complainant reported a burglary had occurred at the residence.

Evans Sheriff's Arrests
Gary Steve Lee, 44, Barrow Bay Road-DUI of alcohol.
Mikell Sanders, 41, Burkhalter Court-battery.
Desimin J. Middleton, 20, Terrell Street-driving without license, seat belt violation.
Samantha Ann Moore, 45, Railroad Street (Hagan)-DUI of alcohol, suspended/revoked license, tag violation.
Carl D. Waters, 48, Carters Bridge Road-DUI of alcohol, failure to maintain lane.
Cody Luke Williams, 27, Highway 56 East (Lyons)-driving without license.
James Eric Gunn, 24, Highway 280 East-statutory rape.
Osman Rapalo Lopez, 22, Woods Lane (Glennville)-public drunk, disorderly conduct.
Darryl Maurice McNeal, 23, Cleve Hagan Road-failure to maintain lane, suspended/revoked license.
Manuel Marquez, Jr., 45, Shady Oak Avenue (Ft. Stewart)-DUI of alcohol, failure to maintain lane.
Christopher Lawson, 22, North River Street-suspended/revoked license.
Evans Sheriff's Incidents
SMACKERS NIGHT CLUB-A woman reported a subject came to the emergency room stating two Hispanic females attacked her.
CREEK RIDGE ROAD-A man stated his stepdaughter and ex-wife have been leaving harassing messages on his answer machine.
MAGNOLIA STREET-Neighborhood watch reported there was drug activity going on.
BOWEN LANE-A woman stated her 6-year-old son was molested.
HIGHWAY 280 EAST-A man said a tire on an 18-wheeler blew out and busted his windshield.
EVANS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE-A woman stated a male subject did something sexually to her 9-year-old son.
BURKHALTER CIRCLE-A female was found injured at this location from a domestic dispute with a male subject.
CLAXTON POULTRY-A woman said someone broke into her vehicle and stole her keys, purse, and money.
BREWTON ROAD-A man stated his house was burglarized.
MAPLE STREET-A brother and sister were reported to be in a physical fight.
ARUBA ROAD-A woman said a male subject had kicked her door in.
BAY BRANCH CHURCH ROAD-A man reported there was a bull blocking the roadway.
EDGE WOOD-A man was found passed out in the street.
HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-Someone reported a female subject attempted suicide with pill overdose.
ELM STREET-A woman stated someone was messing around her house and that some juveniles followed her son home earlier.
KERMIT CLARK ROAD-A man stated someone stole his hog feeders and provided a tag number for the offender's vehicle.
AMBERLY DRIVE-A complainant reported a trailer she borrowed was stolen from her property.
BROAD STREET-Four different calls were made to report a couple fighting at different public locations throughout the night.
OLD SAVANNAH HIGHWAY-A subject said her brother-in-law had been contacting her via Facebook, telling her she owed him money.
NORTH DUVAL STREET-A man reported a woman on his property who has been ordered to stay away.
DAISY NEVILS HIGHWAY-A complainant said a red Ford F-150 had been parked by her mailbox and the driver had been walking in the woods by her house.