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Dec. 18 -- Evans, Claxton Police Reports
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Evans Sheriff’s Arrests
    * James Grant, 40, Church Street—probation warrant.
    * James Anthony Anderson, 47, Oliff Street—domestic violence, wanted person active warrant.
    * Maranda L. Anderson, 20, North Chandler Road (Statesboro)—suspended/revoked license, speeding.
    * Juan Hines, 31, North Tradewinds Way—probation warrant.
    * Robert L. Brown, 53, Edgewood Avenue—DUI by refusal, traffic warning, seat belt violation, open container violation, suspended/revoked license.
    * Latenecia Delauren Usher, 22, South Bedsord Drive (Atlanta)—giving false information to officers.

Evans Sheriff’s Incidents
    * RIVERS STREET—A man stated that he needs to get someone’s car off a property.
    * HIGHWAY 129 NORTH—A woman said she noticed her father’s tag on his truck was missing.
    * ARUBA ROAD—A woman said she heard a loud noise in her house and thinks someone may be in it.
    * TURNPIKE ROAD—A subject stated that two children came to his trailer telling him that someone beat them and was trying to kill them.
    * OLD DUBLIN ROAD—A man said his wife was raped three weeks ago by his daughter’s boyfriend.
    * CANOOCHEE PROPERTY—An informant said he found some stolen items in the woods on this property.
    * OLD KINGS TRAILER PARK—A complainant said a man slapped his sister.
    * HILLSIDE DRIVE—A man stated that when he tries to call his daughter at his ex-wife’s residence, her boyfriend snatches the phone and says he has to talk to him first. The complainant also said the boyfriend has made threats to him.
    * LEX STRICKLAND—A caller said his neighbors were out of town and someone was walking around the house with a flashlight.
    * CREEK RIDGE—A woman stated that her sister said a vehicle with one tail light continues to pull in and out of her driveway.
    * CALVARY STREET—A male subject said he wanted a female to leave his residents.
    * CHURCH STREET—A grandmother stated she is trying to keep her grandson from getting his personal belongings and leaving.
    * ARUBA ROAD—A woman said she believed someone to be in her house when she got home because the television volume went down when she got to her door.
    * COREY DRIVE—A woman said some property was stolen from her residence.
    * DELOACH MILL ROAD—Two teenagers were reported standing in the complainant’s yard.
    * CEMETERY ROAD—A woman said her daughter was at home with her disabled husband and heard someone knocking on the back door.

Claxton Police Arrests
    * None to report for the week

Claxton Police Incidents
    * HENDRIX STREET—A woman said her boyfriend was threatening her.
    * EAST LIBERTY STREET—A woman reported having trouble with a grandchild.