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New car dealership in Boro
Jimmy Britt Chrysler building on bypass
Jimmy Britt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will build a new dealership on Veterans Memorial Parkway and move from its current location on Highway 301 South. - photo by JIM HEALY/staff

Land clearing on a large piece of property just west of JC Lewis Ford on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Statesboro had drawn much speculation about what would be built there. Last week, some of the mystery was solved when a sign from Synovus was posted announcing that Jimmy Britt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram would build a new dealership on that site and move from its current location on Highway 301 South.

“We hope to break ground before the end of the year, and the new dealership will open in 2020,” said Jeff Broadwater, general manager for the Jimmy Britt Statesboro location. “Our current location has served us and our customers well, but it’s time to build a new dealership to better serve all our customers.”

Owner Jimmy Britt actually has owned the Statesboro Chrysler dealership since 2001 but stayed behind the scenes until finally putting his name on it in October 2018.

“Statesboro is a college town and a great place for future growth,” Britt said. “We picked the location on the bypass because it will give us a lot of exposure, and we expect more growth directly in that area.”

In addition to the Statesboro dealership, Britt owns another Chrysler dealership in his hometown of Dublin, which he bought in 2018, and a Chevrolet dealership in Greensboro, Ga., which he bought in 2007.

Broadwater said the Statesboro dealership will be built on a 5-acre plot and he expects to fill “every square foot of that 5 acres of the dealership with inventory, service area, showroom, a car wash.”

“It’s time for a new face here in Statesboro,” he said. “We believe if we invest in this community, they will invest in us.”

Britt said the new dealership will add between 10–15 new jobs.

“We have about 25 employees at the current store. We’ll have 35–40 at the new one.”

Broadwater, a veteran in the car business, said he started working with Jimmy Britt in Greensboro five years ago and came to Statesboro as general manager this past January.

“We started looking for a new dealership location immediately,” he said. “We found a great one, and it’s hard to be patient as they finish the land preparation and then build it. I want it open tomorrow.”

Britt said his Chevy dealership in Greensboro is currently his largest volume dealership, “but I expect Statesboro to top that once we open the new dealership.”

In addition to the Jimmy Britt dealership, more new businesses are expected to build and open in that vicinity of Veterans Memorial Parkway. There have been tractors, other land-moving vehicles and plenty of gravel put down just east of the planned dealership, but no announcement has been made about a future business.

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