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Vote Karen Handel for governor of Georgia
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      Throughout history, the woman has been portrayed as the care giver who provides food and comfort for the family. How can a woman care for her family if her husband has no job, the home is foreclosed and there is no money for food and clothes?
      How can we have a nation if our leaders continue to give all our assets away? How can we continue to have the will and ambition to work if the results are taken from us and given to others who refuse to work? How can our children want to succeed if all their efforts are measured as worthless? Why do we continue to vote for people who govern this way?
      Mothers who encourage their children to work when they are young instill the value of work.
      Mothers instill honesty when they punish small offenses.
      Mothers who praise the accomplishments of their children point the way to higher achievement and build the ladder to greater success.
      Mothers will live a godly life and provide a godly foundation to strengthen her children.
      These foundations are provided by the women of our nation. We need more women helping to form the basic policies of how to govern, spend and build the foundations of America.
      Vote Karen Handel for governor of Georgia.
Hazel Lanier

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