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Republican Bob Lane should not endorse Democrat Roy Barnes
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       The recent revelation that Republican State Rep. Bob Lane has endorsed Democrat Roy Barnes is unacceptable.  Earlier this year it was revealed that he had donated $1000 to the Barnes' campaign. In a letter dated January 22, 2010 Mr. Lane was reminded by the 12th District GOP Executive Committee of the commitments he made as a Republican and we strongly registered our disagreement to him supporting the liberal Democrat Roy Barnes. It was then and is now a betrayal of trust to the donors of his campaign and a serious breach of loyalty to those he serves with in the legislature,  members of the Republican Party and the conservative principles that "true" Republicans believe in.
       We acknowledge Mr. Lane's right to endorse Barnes, but not as a Republican.
Let's not kid ourselves, if Bob Lane has his way, Roy Barnes will "make Georgians work" all right.  We'll all be working harder and longer and paying more taxes to pay for  Barnes' excessive spending  proposals.  Barnes and Lane obviously think Georgia voters are too stupid to know who pays the bills.  This type betrayal and shenanigans by those elected by the people are what created the T.E.A. Party movement and it will continue  to motivate those who are concerned about the direction of our country and good governance.
       We will be asking Speaker David Ralston and other leaders in the House of Representative to strip Mr. Lane of committee assignments and remove him from the  Republican caucus and any ranking he may have with the Republican Party of Georgia.
       To be very clear, Bob Lane is no Republican nor is he a friend to the conservative principles that made our state and nation great.
Dennis Coxwell    
Chairman, 12th Congressional District
Georgia Republican Party

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