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Inside Bulloch Business - Bowtreader focuses on bow hunting, archery
The interior of the just-opened Bowtreader on Highway 80 East is shown above. - photo by DeWAYNE GRICE/Staff

Being an avid hunter, John Keene was looking for a way several years ago to introduce his daughter Ally Anna into the sport.  

He had a friend suggest that he try bow hunting and use it as a way to get her interested. Keene became hooked on bow hunting and loved the time he spent with Ally Anna. Now his son, John Wesley, enjoys bow hunting, too. The more involved Keene became in the sport, the more he realized how popular bow hunting is locally and how few resources there are for the bow enthusiast.  

John began researching this opportunity and it was a discussion with one of the most popular bow manufacturers in the country that he discovered there was not only a need for a shop specializing in bow hunting but a large interest from manufacturers and other vendors to enter the Statesboro market.

After months of planning and continued research, John and his wife DeAnna opened Bowtreader at 23320 Highway 80 East a few weeks ago. The full service archery and bow hunting shop is just outside of the city heading towards Brooklet. The shopping center was constructed speculatively several years ago and has recently been completely built out now. Neighbors include Sacred Space Yoga, Technique Dance Company and America’s Swimming Pool Company.  

Bowtreader is filled with everything a bow hunter could need. They stock cross bows, compound bows and traditional archery bows manufactured by some of America’s top brands such as Mathews, PSE and Bowtech.

No matter if you are an experienced bow hunter or simply curious about the sport, 

Bowtreader is ready and eager to help you.  They have even constructed a shooting lane inside the store to allow customers to try out a new bow before they purchase it.  

Some of the services they offer include bow safety inspection, hunt-ready clean and lube, string cleaning and conditioning, D-loop replacement, basic timing check, paper tune and chronographic test.

John is a Statesboro Herald 20 under 40 honoree and owns First Source Logistics. His logistics business is a great business, he said, but not one that gives him much interaction with the public.  As a strong Christian, he wanted to find an additional business that would allow him to share his faith with others, too. Archery and bow hunting obviously tracks back to Biblical times and has many references throughout the Bible.

“DeAnna and I have been tremendously blessed and through Bowtreader we can help combine our love of Christ with our love of hunting in a way that will touch others and provide a needed service to our community,” Keene said.

With the popularity of competitive archery at Bulloch Academy and other local high schools, in addition to the Shooting Sports Education Center on the Georgia Southern University campus, there is a heightened interest in the sport. 

John and DeAnna have discovered a niche that will help fill an important need in our community and allow them to continue to contribute back to the community in extraordinary ways.

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