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Community split on Bush visit
Comm. reax - Wood
Courtney Wood
Residents of Statesboro had mixed reactions to a visit by President George W. Bush to town next Monday, with some saying they'd like to go see him while others not wanting to go.
    Courtney Wood said he was "excited" about Bush's visit to Hanner Fieldhouse Monday morning at 11 a.m.
    "It'd be nice to see a sitting president," Wood said. "It's a once in a life time opportunity."
    Even though Wood said he generally finds himself disagreeing with the president, he still recognizes the significance of his visit.
    "The fact that he's going to be in Statesboro makes me want to go see him."
    Bush's visit is in conjunction with a rally for Max Burns, a Republican who is trying to reclaim his seat that he lost to John Barrow in 2004. Burns served in Congress from 2003-2004 before losing to Barrow.
    Joy Evans, meanwhile, said she thought Bush's visit smelled of "desperation” for Burns in his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent John Barrow.
    "Bush is not my president," she said. "He's the president of my country, but he has not stood for the things I stand for."
    Evans, who described herself as an independent, said she went to school with Burns for three years and even campaigned for him when he first ran for Congress in 2002, but she didn't approve of how closely aligned Burns and Bush were during his time in office. She said she has no plans to try to attend the rally.
    Dean Jones said Bush's visit will bring notoriety to Statesboro and possibly draw attention to the city it otherwise wouldn't have received, but said he'd be working during Bush's visit.
    He said he would probably go see Bush if he didn't have to work on Monday.
    Bernisha Cooper said she was surprised to hear Bush was coming to Statesboro.
    She said she'd like to go "to see what he has to say."
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