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Community Bank sets example for 'Model Giving'
First Southern for Web
Tommy David, CEO of First Southern National Bank in Statesboro, is shown seated at center with bank employees. The bank is the only business, so far, to have 100 percent participation in the 2007 United Way campaign. - photo by Herald File
As many businesses in Bulloch County continue to conduct their United Way Campaigns during November, First Southern National  Bank sets the pace as a “fair share” giver.  
    The Statesboro bank, which has 41 employees, is the only employer in Bulloch County to date that has 100 percent participation in employee fair share giving. The fair share model for giving equates to an employee giving one hour of pay per month to the campaign.  
    Tommy David, president and CEO of First Southern, said that the idea of fair share giving was introduced to him during his first job 33 years ago.  
    “I worked for Columbus Bank and Trust Company and the president of the bank, Jim Blanchard, believed in employees caring and doing for others,” he said. “I became a fair share giver in 1972 and have continued the tradition since then.”
    David said he has taken the concept and built it into the bank’s philosophy so that employees give generously to the campaign and do so with the idea that they are giving with the spirit of making the community better.  
    “When we started the bank five years ago with 13 employees, we saw the United Way campaign as an opportunity to be a company that gives back to our community,” says David.  “We were 100 percent fair share givers then and we continue this year with all 41 employees giving their part.”  
    David adds that 26 employees even went beyond their fair share and did more.  Eleven employees were “Leadership Givers,” which equates to giving more than $500 to the campaign.
    “Our employees are putting others in front of themselves and this demonstrates the very essence of what our mission is as a community bank,” said David.  
    In total, First Southern employees gave $15,498.22 to the United Way 2007 campaign.
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