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John Bressler - You are an angel with powers beyond your imagination
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       Is there an angel or two sitting on my shoulder whispering great thoughts into my brain or at least standing by to keep me out of trouble? Maybe there are a couple sent to watch over a character like me, but I have come to believe that they were asleep on the job.
       Every now and then, I enjoy watching that television series "Touched by an Angel" and think how wonderful it might be to actually talk to an angel, see an angel and get some inside answers to some of my outside questions. Maybe, just maybe, I am skeptical enough to want some proof positive. The big problem is that even if I really had a heavenly overseer, who could I tell? Most folks think I am a bit squirrely any way, so why give them evidence?
       Last week, Julie was driving home from school and the car began acting up, so she pulled into the GSU lot just a few yards away from Hanner Field House. It was very cold that afternoon, and she had forgotten her cell phone so was really all alone and wondering what to do. She found herself trying to open the hood to at least see what the engine looked like - even though she would not know how to fix any serious problem - when a lady from the GSU security team drove up.  Pretty soon, another member of the team came by to help. These folks didn't know Julie, but they did know she needed help and took care of the worry.
      A few days later, Julie and I went to Hanner to watch a fantastic game and met the lady who had helped. I told her how much I appreciated what she and her partner had done. She said, "I remember how cold it was and I knew your wife needed help. I would hope someone would help me if I were in trouble."
       Maybe we all expect to see those perfect heavenly angels like those concocted by film makers, but I believe we need to realize that most of the true angels are just like us: people who work for a living, come in all shapes and sizes and colors, but help when needed. Think about this for a second: most of the angels I personally know are hardly perfect citizens, wear everyday clothing, have obvious flaws, but they will stop to help and never count the cost.
       I know some angels at the Food Bank and talk to an angel who owns a gas station here in town. There's a couple of angels at the pharmacy where we buy medicine and don't let me forget all the folks who give so much of their time to benefits, charities, hospitals, and I love those who smile and wave, open doors and have kind supporting words for everyone they meet.
       Most angels I know never believe that the help they give is spectacular and hear background music just fit for the occasion. Many are not aware that an angel just passed their way. Some are still waiting for that elusive angel to validate existence, prove God cares or remove the obstacles. Those folks may wait a long, long time.
       I almost forgot. Did you know you are an angel? You have powers beyond your imagination. No, you do not have wings or a halo so quit looking in the mirror. You have the ability to change lives, give hope, open doors and make a difference. You most likely will not be recognized, but you will do what has to be done and then go on your way.
      But I will know and I will survive because you were here and you cared. Thanks, angel.



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