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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - A realistic, fair solution must be forged
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      I am the business editor of the Statesboro Herald, and I am a school psychologist with the Bulloch County Board of Education. The mass murder of school children and school personnel in Newtown, Connecticut this past Friday not only made me physically ill, it reminded me of the almost impossible charge that those working for schools today face.
      We want the children we serve to feel safe, free to learn, and completely cared for when they are with us, but it appears that this is becoming increasingly more difficult to do.
      The vast majority of newer schools in this country are designed like prisons to keep our children safe. Doors are kept locked, long classroom wings off of a main area provide unimpeded vision to administrators, and strangers are viewed with "suspicion" until their motives for coming on campus are clarified. School administrators are not to be blamed for their extra vigilance as this past Friday is proof of that.
      It is also apparent that when someone has the firepower and desire to enter a school, there is little that can be done to stop that person. In some strange way, this past Friday felt like a 9-ll to me as an educator.
      Although, not nearly on the same scope, and please understand that I am not trying to make a direct comparison with the horrific and tragic events of that day, it is just that the educational community now knows that it is at a crossroads as it concerns safety, just like America faced as a nation over ten years ago.
      What are we willing to give up? What are we willing to pay for in a time of shrinking revenue and increased costs?
     Agree or disagree, I applaud President Obama for saying Sunday evening that we have no choice, but to address the problem. We cannot continue to allow the random murder of our children on their school campuses to occur at an average of once a year in this country. Are we willing to accept that as the status quo? I work for a school system, I have children, and I am not.
      I also believe that gun ownership is a right in this country, and I will defend our right as citizens to own a gun(s). I do believe there is a solution here. Everyone has a stake in this game, and gun manufacturers, national associations, and government officials need to figure this out in conjunction with input from the mental health community.
     Twenty children are dead today, as well as the six educators who tried to save them. Seriously friends, when is enough, enough.
         The courage and sacrifice that was demonstrated this past Friday needs to be demonstrated by our elected officials. In what is arguably the most intellectually creative country in the world, a realistic and fair solution must be forged. Our children should not have to wait a second longer.
      So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.

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