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Two more days. Hallelujah!
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    Yep, after nearly two years, this sucker’s almost over.
    This week we should get about five days rest from presidential campaigning before Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee announce their 2012 bid for the presidency.
    I'm telling you now, I'm not voting for either of these guys.
    For one, Obama's a socialist and I don’t subscribe to the "distribution of wealth" philosophy. The free market, which takes it from present-oriented people and transfers it to future-oriented people, handles distribution of wealth quite nicely.
    As for McCain, well, I guess I'm the only one with cajones to say it — but that cat would die in office.
I’m being serious. On top of his malignant cancer, chronic arthritis and heart disease for which he takes numerous medicines, he reportedly has terrible eating and exercise habits. Put all that on top of the fact that the presidency is extremely stressful and people unconsciously realize that McCain won’t make it past his first term.
    That’s why all the stink about Palin. Actuarially speaking, she just might get the job and many people aren’t too thrilled with that prospect.
    "But you have to pick one — it's down to two. You can let (insert candidate) win!!"
    Um, no I don't and yes I can. After all, contrary to popular opinion there are not only two options.
    If one person says, "I'm going to hit you in the face" while the other says, "I'm going to hit you in the groin" is that really a choice? I say neither, darnit, I say run.
    In the immortal words of the band Rush, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”
    And I'm going to vote that way. I just haven't decided if I'm voting third party or if I'm going to write somebody in.
    Sorry GOP, but my prediction: Obama wins fairly large by over 100 electoral votes. Hate to keep bringing this up, but if you would have nominated Ron Paul, he would have been able to outflank Obama on every issue dear to the left – Iraq, healthcare, income distribution, the economy – while at the same time representing the family values and fiscal conservative positions so dear to traditional Republicans.
    But I leave that behind with this election (maybe).
    One last thing: I'm a terrible father. Ok, maybe not terrible but certainly occasionally forgetful.
    Last week, I planned to take my son over to the Hall-O-Ween party held by Georgia Southern University over at Eagle Village. The students opened up their dorm rooms to the children of Statesboro and I thought I'd take my own little Batman.
    So on Tuesday, we got dressed up and showed up at 5 p.m.
    Only problem is, the event happened Monday. (You'd think a guy that works for the paper would have better inside information.)
    Anyway, I called the Herald office Tuesday to confirm the location. Oh, I had the right place, just the wrong day.
    Fortunately, I had planed on attending a children’s Halloween party sponsored by Everett at Main Street Billiards (who deserves the patronage of Statesboro residents), so I thought I'd pop into the office to show the folks wee Batman.
    Without getting overly schmaltzy, the Herald staff heard about my mishap, copy editor Araina Reaves was thoughtful enough to organize a candy distribution, and all had little piles of candy to hand out to my son, who occasionally said, "Gimme some candy," but usually said "Thank You" afterwards.
    Basically, he had himself his own little "Trick or Treat" event right in the office.
    Thinking of it makes me want to wear my sunglasses.
    Tying it all together, later that evening I couldn't help but think about the upcoming presidential election. America (and the Herald) has some good people so, no matter the outcome, we’ll all work together to make sure America is just fine.
    So, thanks guys. I’ll send you the dental bill.

    Phil Boyum wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and encourages everyone to get out write in Ron Paul (C’mon! You knew I was going to say it.) He can be reached at (912) 489-9454 or by e-mail at
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