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Galactic Comics is out-of-this-world fun
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      One of my fondest memories growing up in Statesboro will always be the comic book rack at the Medical Center Pharmacy on Granade Street. I will be forever grateful to Lem Nevil and Chester Hanberry for letting the neighborhood kids sit on the floor of their pharmacy and read comic book after comic book. It was pure joy.
      I had forgotten what that felt like until this past Saturday when I happened into Galactic Comics & Games on Siebald Street in downtown Statesboro. Just like that, I had stepped back in time.
      The store is filled with racks and racks of comic books, posters, board games, figurines, and collectibles. In addition, there is everything that you would need to become a miniature war gamer playing games such as PlanetStrike and Warhammer 40K, as well as a comprehensive collection of trading card materials for games such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon.
      Not only is this a retail operation, it is truly a hub for socializing and gaming of all different kinds. On any given day, you are likely to find a miniature war game in progress or a game of Magic, the wildly popular collectible card game that is played worldwide.
      "We have people in here playing something all of the time," said Keith Brown, the store's owner. "For example, every Wednesday around the world is new comic book release day. On Wednesdays, the GSU Comic Discussion Club will meet here to discuss the newly released comics and movies."
      A 1988 graduate of Metter High School and a nine-year veteran of the U. S. Navy, Brown said he hadn't planned to own a comic book and game store, it just worked out that way.
      "Originally this store was owned by Ted Gallop and was located on Highway 67 South," he said. "I took it over and moved it here in 2006. We have been having fun in this location ever since, and he continues to provide wonderful insight."
      Fun is not the word. The patrons and the owner of Galactic are having a blast. From painting and creating war game pieces and sets to discussing art in comic books, this is a crowd that is serious about its hobbies and passions.
      It is evident that Brown truly appreciates this, because his knowledge is so expansive that he functions like a docent in a museum. So, I conclude by saying that there is a big push to shop locally this year, and this store is another great example of what is under our collective noses.
       To learn more about Galactic, you can visit their Web site at

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