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Boys and Girls Club to hold Cannonball Challenge

Splashing around in the swimming pool is always a fun summer activity, but the Boys and Girls Club of Bulloch County has come up with a way to combine fun, the spirit of competition and fundraising all in one event.

The Cannonball Challenge is similar to the popular “ice bucket” challenge of the past, said BGC Assistant Executive Director Ron Wright. Instead of dumping a bucket of ice on your head, participants will simply video themselves doing a “cannonball” dive into a pool, he said.

Those taking the challenge will record themselves explaining the challenge and reasons for raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club, then record the dive, he said. When done, participants will upload the video to their favorite social media site and challenge at least three others, he said.

This is a “summer campaign developed by and for the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) of Bulloch County to raise funds and increase awareness through the ‘power of one,'” he said. “One person is all it takes to start a ripple effect, hence the reason for the ‘cannonball.”

Like ripples on the water’s surface after a splash, Wright and Jill Trower, assistant director of development for the club, hope the challenge spreads.

Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar plans to kick off the Cannon Ball Challenge Wednesday evening at Splash in the Boro, but anyone can go ahead and start, Trower said.

Participants can ask for pledges of donations when they record their challenge, and money raised can be donated through a GoFundMe account (, she said.  Videos should include the hash tag #bcbcannonball.

Donations do not have to be large, Wright said.

“It doesn’t take a donation of $100, $500, or $1,000 to make a difference in the life of a child at the Club.  One person can donate as little as $1 to make a positive impact.”

Trower and Wright each said they hope to see local leaders such as prominent business executives, law enforcement, doctors, EMTs, firefighters, and politicians join the fun.

“It will be a fun and exciting way for people of all ages to get involved in supporting a local non-profit organization,” Wright said.   

Trower reminds those taking the challenge to share the video on the BCG Facebook page.

Donating is not required to tale the challenge. “By participating in the Cannon Ball Challenge you’re already raising awareness of the needs at your local Boys & Girls children in our own backyard that need it most,” Wright said. “So, participating and donating is ideal.  

If no one has challenged you, start the ball rolling and be the first, Trower said. 

 “If you want to take the Cannon Ball Challenge, do so, and be the person who starts the ripple effect in your community by challenging your personal network of friends and family members.”

Organizers hope this will be the beginning of an annual event, she said.

“The challenge will take place every year beginning Memorial Day Weekend and run through July 31,” Wright said.  

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