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Thinking of God with Larry Sheehy
Remember God allows U-turns
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    The bumper sticker had this bit of wisdom: “Headed in the Wrong Direction? God Allows U-Turns.”
    Most drivers have been in a situation where they took a wrong turn.  What should we do when it happen to us?  The logical answer is to stop and look for the right way, to turn around and go back.  But have you ever ridden with someone who just kept on going?  Maybe they didn’t want to admit their error.  Maybe they weren’t sure.  Perhaps they weren’t clear about what they needed to do.  For whatever reason, they continue on a path that will take them away from where they want to go.
    This same thing can happen spiritually to all of us.  In fact, it does, without exception.  The Bible calls this “sin,” that is, going in a spiritual direction that is the opposite of what God wants and what we need.  Possibly the best known Biblical example of this is the well known story of the prodigal son in Luke 15.  The young man’s wrong turn happened when he selfishly left home with his inheritance and “set off for a distant country.”  At first – perhaps like some drivers – he wasn’t aware of his mistake.  Because he had money, everything seemed great.  He had plenty of friends, and there were always places and times where one could have fun. The road was smooth, and, as far as he could tell, he was headed in the right direction.
    But finally his money ran out.  On top of that, a famine hit the area in which he lived.  It wasn’t long before he was destitute.  His destitution finally drove him to his senses, and he started thinking about what he needed to do.  Thankfully, he hadn’t been away from home so long as to forget the life he had enjoyed before.  And he realized that the lowest place in his father’s house would be far better than a life among the pigs!
    “So, in spite of the fact that he was a long way from home, and that he would undoubtedly be embarrassed to admit his foolishness and failure, he “got up and went to his father” (verse 15).  With these few words, Jesus gives us the remedy for sin.  The only way to correct a wrong turn is turn around and go in the right direction.  It may not be easy.  People may laugh at us.  We will have to give up our selfish desires.  We may have to face the jealous wrath of someone who is blind to his own need for change.  But there is no other way.
    And, if we are willing to make the turn around...we have God’s assurance that he will meet us with open arms.  You see, God wants us to come back home!  
    Sometimes, driving regulations won’t allow U-turns just anywhere.  But that’s not the case with God.  Whenever and wherever we recognize the need to repent (change our mind and our life) is the time and place to do it.  Just remember that “God allows U-turns.”

    Larry Sheehy is the preaching minister at Statesboro Church of Christ. He can be reached at (912) 764-5269 or
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