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GSU students beat the heat with cool tradition at 3 campuses
Georgia Southern University President Kyle Marrero grabs an apron and some peaches while showing off some entertainment skills before presiding over his first watermelon cutting at Wednesday's summer celebration. The Statesboro campus was the final stop as all three campuses served fresh fruit and ice cream to the summer university community.

 A 71-year tradition continued with a lot of cool slices of watermelon at Georgia Southern University this week. The tradition was started by former president Zach Henderson in 1948.

For three days at all three campuses, students and faculty gathered to enjoy watermelon and more. This year's event began on Monday at the Armstrong campus, and moved to the Hinesville campus Tuesday. The last slice was finished off at the Statesboro campus on Wednesday. 

New GSU president Dr. Kyle Marrero joined in the summer celebration for the first time this year, and wowed the crowd with some impromptu juggling. He teamed up with university staff to serve up the juicy, cool spread of fresh fruit and Leopold's ice cream.

flying fruit
Juice flies as Director of Culinary Operations Michael Price makes quick work of some watermelons.
Dias Allen
Georgia Southern student and basketball player Hailey Dias-Allen grabs some refreshing watermelon.
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