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Ask Dr. Gott 6/21
Vicks the cure for hemorrhoids?
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    DEAR DR. GOTT: Your Vicks VapoRub cure for thick toenails really worked for me. Did you know that Vicks is wonderful for hemorrhoids? After my mother, who is 95 years old, told me to use it, I've never used anything else. It is better than any creams or suppositories and feels better right away.
    DEAR DR. GOTT: Regarding your recent column on peeling feet: My husband had the same condition for years, in addition to toenail fungus.
    It was your columns on the use of Vicks to treat toenail fungus that helped my husband. He has used it religiously ever since, and not only has the fungus cleared up, but the scaling has disappeared, as well.
    DEAR READERS: The use of Vicks VapoRub to treat scaly dermatitis and hemorrhoids is new to me, so I am publishing your letters as a public service. Other readers who try these remedies, please let me know if they are effective antidotes for two common conditions.
    DEAR DR. GOTT: I am a 66-year-old woman who has struggled with fungal infections of the perineal area for over 10 years. I also was diagnosed with lichen sclerosis. No prescribed medication ever worked. After I read two letters from men who had cured their jock itch with Vicks VapoRub, I tried it myself. The infection cleared in a few days, When I visited my gynecologist yesterday, she saw nothing but healthy tissue. She was amazed at the results and urged me to write to you.
    Yes, the Vicks feels "zingy" for a few minutes, but it is not at all painful or uncomfortable. I apply it each night and have had no recurrence. I thought some of your female readers would like to know.
    DEAR READER: Once again, I am reporting yet another alternative therapy with Vicks. (No, I don't own any stock in the company nor do I receive any funding from it.)
    Women who choose Vicks to treat this personal problem can follow-up with me by mail. Thank you.
    To give you related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report "Vaginal Infections and Disorders."

    DEAR DR. GOTT: I would like to know about dust mites. I've heard there is such a thing, and then others say there isn't. Do they affect one's health? What are they like and how do you deal with them?
    DEAR READER: Dust mites are tiny parasites that exist in normal dust, can bite humans (causing itching) and live on flakes of dead skin (usually in the bed). They are rarely a nuisance, do not affect health unless you are allergic and can be eradicated by carefully cleaning the areas under and around the bed.
    Doctor Gott is a retired physician and the author of the new book "Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet," available at most chain and independent bookstores.
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