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Southeast Bulloch facility upgrades put on hold
SEB SOCCER  031909 2
Southeast Bulloch's Zach LeBlanc, left, David Chambers, and Brent LeBlanc form a wall to foil a Benedictine free kick in the second half in this Thursday, March 19, 2009 file photo taken at Fred Shaver Field in Brooklet. Plans to renovate SEB's facilities have come in over budget and are put on hold.

    Plans for an overhaul to the athletic facilities at Southeast Bulloch have been temporarily put on hold.
    The building and renovations called for a new football stadium and soccer/track and field complex to be built over the current locations for those facilities, as well as the construction of new bathroom and concession buildings for the fields and the renovation of the old gym to serve as locker rooms.
    An announcement of the renovations was made in the spring, but a review of the finalized plans Thursday proved to be over budget, and all projects have been put on hold until the numbers can be reworked.
    “The board (of education) is going to take another look at the bids for the various parts of the plans,” said SEB athletic director Jack Webb. “Hopefully, something new can be found to lessen the cost.”
    New plans and the reviewing of bids will be on ongoing process for the board, and currently no aspect of the undertakings at SEB have been green-lit.
    Currently, the football stadium — on which the demolition of the bleachers was scheduled to begin shortly after the season — is still standing and the SEB soccer teams will play another season on the field beginning next month.
    Webb hopes that a final solution can be reached and that construction can begin by the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, but that could put prolong some current issues.
    As the stadium currently exists, the stands have been deemed to be too close to the playing field by Georgia High School Association standards. That issue, combined with a low seating capacity, would likely force SEB to move any home playoff games that the football or soccer teams potentially qualify for.
    “The safety of our students is definitely a priority,” said Webb. “The issue of safety is certainly the first thing that will be covered in the final plan, no matter what is decided. Right now, it’s just a matter of looking everything over again and deciding what can be done that is financially feasible and most beneficial for the school and our students.”
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