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Change of schedule for Bulloch Academy
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The Bulloch Academy Gators have continued to roll past the teams on their schedule. The Gators have outscored their opposition by a whopping 194-34 with the latest victims being Augusta Prep with a 57-0 dismantling last Friday at Gator Alley. 

“We have scored 50 points in our last three games and have scored on 29 of our last 30 possessions,” said Gator coach Aaron Phillips. “I contribute our success on offense to having an offensive line coach in Charlie Hopkins who came here after being a college football coach and playing offensive line in college in our offense. All he has to do is coach our offensive line. I have an offensive coordinator who is in the Hall of Fame in Indiana and all he has to do is design plays and call plays on offense.” 

Phillips went on to say the same thing on defense with Tripp Turley leading the way and the fact that having coaches with experience who are able to concentrate on one area has been a game changer. 

“Having a staff built the way we do has so much to do with our success,” Phillips said. “Our kids are not thrown for a loop if the other team throws something different at us. We have coaches who know how to make adjustments and the players trust in them. These aren’t just guys wearing shirts with our logo on them, they are real coaches with experience.” 

The Gators were scheduled to play Saturday at Savannah High this week. The Blue Jackets and Cross Creek had altercations on the field last Friday in Savannah. Punches were thrown and suspensions were handed out and Savannah High did not have enough players to play Saturday.  

Phillips spent a lot of time searching for another opponent, and finally came up with (1-3) Hart County. The Bulldogs were supposed to play Savannah High’s opponent from last Friday in Cross Creek. Cross Creek was in the same position as Savannah High as the fighting caused too many player suspensions to play their game with Hart County. The Gators and Bulldogs will now play Friday in Hartwell. 

“It was so important for us to play a team this week or we could have potentially gone 21 days between games,” Phillips said. “Coach Corey Dickerson and I got together and decided it would be great for the two of us to play as it was homecoming there. It is going to be a challenge for us because they will dress around 80 players and it has been a while since our starters have had to play four quarters. We needed to play someone who would challenge us, and they will definitely challenge us Friday night. We will have to play really well not only to win, but to stay in the game.” 

The Gators will hit the road for a three-hour drive to Hartwell Friday for a 7:30 p.m. start.