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September 26 - I couldn't imagine the things that ... the city council could get accomplished if the
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I couldn't imagine the things that ... the city council could get accomplished if they weren't so worried ... about ... gettin' Shayne Ha ... Shayne Hayes' job.

I was just passed illegally by a log truck on Highway 80 East ... then had my bumper ridden for five miles by another log truck while goin' out Highway 24. Where are the cops ... when these ignorant drivers are on the road?

Hooray! Hooray! The wicked witch of the city is gone. Now, just get Snow White and the Seven Drawers.

Okay, Statesboro Herald. You did not support the city ... funding ... $11 million project for First Baptist Church. Do you support the city ... firing the city manager and givin' $85,000 away, just ask him to leave? Not countin' the other ... people that have ... been dismissed and paid salaries after they're gone. ... Let's see you comment on that, Mr. Editor.

I would like to thank the city council and the mayor for bein' the biggest bunch of cowards. ... Lettin' Shayne Hayes make all the tough decisions and then takin' the fall ... for cleanin' up the city. ... And then ... askin' for his resignation ... so they can get reelected. Good work, cowards. Good work.

I'm wondering what's going on at William James. Last year, the chorus teacher made my daughter pray in class. And now, this morning, there's a religious activity on the grounds of the school. I'm just wondering what happened to church and state separation.

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