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September 17 - I would like to like to know why is one of the Register police cars just sitting in s
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I would like to like to know why is one of the Register police cars just sitting in somebody's yard" It has a GOV tag ... and has been in this guy's yard for almost a year. Are we paying insurance on it? ... Why is it not in use?

This is for the person that said the police should be ... doing other things rather than sitting in the school zones. I, for one, would like to say I think the Brooklet Police Department is doin' a good job. I would rather them to sit in the school zones and protect our children. Keep up the good work, Brooklet. You're doin' a great job.

You tryin' to get violence ... and drugs outta schools. ... Think about it. You pushed God out the back door, God and prayer. ... You let Satan in the front door ... drugs and violence.

Come on, board of education. Y'all ... seem to be ... wantin' to find ways to cut the budget. ... Cut that out what y'all payin' Hanner Fieldhouse ... for students to graduate. ... We have ... three beautiful schools ... that we could graduate at. Why ... waste that money to go to the ... ugly Hanner Fieldhouse?

President Obama promised on several occasions that if Obama-care passed, my insurance premiums would be pre ... reduced $2,500 a year. ... I got my new insurance bill today and my premium has increased, not decreased, for the year. ... Does he every tell the truth?

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