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November 27 - This is to the man that says he couldn't find his paper in his yard. He woke up an
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... This is to the man that says he couldn't find his paper in his yard. ... He woke up and couldn't find his paper in his yard. What he need to do is probably pay his bill, feed his dog or either check down to his momma house. ... One of the three. He'll come up wit it.

Statesboro Head Start discriminates against the elderly and is abusive to our children. Please find a director.

Congratulations to the Georgia Southern girls volleyball team for winning the Southern Conference Championship. Now on to the NCAA tournament. Go after it, girls!

Come on, city office of Statesboro. I am a senior citizen. I do not have a computer. I'm a computer illiterate anyhow, but I can still read and hear and I pay my city bill and city taxes. Am I not entitled to know when my garbage can be picked up? Thanks, in advance.

Great sports article 'bout the ... Blue Devils, Mike Anthony. ... Blue Devils, keep playin' tough and show Kell a whole new way to hurt. Go, Devils!

... Howard Lumber has always been very good to their employees. ... And ... why is it any of your business what the retirement package ... was ... for the man that's been there for 50 years? You wanna retirement package, go to work for 50 years with a great company.

This is for all Georgia Southern football fans. Please, please, attend Saturday's game to show your blue and white ... one more time!

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