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November 26 - The problem with this community is not those few corrupt politicians we have on the
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The problem with this community ... is not those few corrupt politicians we have on the city council. ... Yes, they're wrong ... and they're crooked and they should be kicked out. ... But it's you people out there in the community that are ... condonin' the wrongdoin' that they're doin' by stealing ... and ... payin' people off to keep their mouths shut so we don't know what's goin' on up there. Yep, you are the problem. The community that's condonin' it instead of standin' up against it.

You are a passenger of a flight. Who cares about your junk? ... Had you rather be blown up possibly or have a pat-down and be safe? Maybe, ride the train would be an option.

... I heard our acting city manager ... was gonna head up getting a YMCA in town ... and I think that's wonderful. I think it's something that we've need for a long, long time. ... I mean, what a great thing to do.

... Concernin' the interim city manager getting his big raise. Looks like we've got one ... fiscally responsible councilman. ... Well, one outta five ain't bad.

... Vice President Joe Biden says we do not connect to President Obama because he is so ... brilliant. ... If he is so brilliant, why does he require speech writers and teleprompters to speak to elementary students? ... He will not release his grades at Harvard. ... If I was brilliant and made all As at Harvard ... I would release them to the public.

Now, the ... girls in the flea market ... that's makin' racial slares ... like pulling the clothes off of the ... black managet ... and tryin' to give it to the little black boys. ... Somebody need to ... let them understand ... that people is just to not gon' put up with racial slares and stuff ... outta people. ... If you gonna do those things ... go somewhere else and not around people businesses, runnin' they customers off and doin' thangs like that.

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