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July 1 - I would like for someone to explain to me how a certain young lady involved in a tax fr
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... I would like for someone to explain to me how a certain young lady involved in a tax ... fraud scandal ... is able to join the ... Army and call herself protectin' and servin' our country? ... How does that work?

I'm tired of hearing that Americans won't take jobs that illegals do. The reason for this is that for many, many years, illegal labor was driving wages down ... for those jobs to the point that Americans could not survive with such jobs. ... That's only one issue left out of the picture ... by those who don't know history or don't want to tell it ... because it undermines their supposedly idealistic defense of illegals.

Back at ya, Dumb-Dumb! ... Nothing was said about raising tax money to pay for security at Splash in the Boro. It was said Splash ought to take and pay security guards out of what they make ... hand over fist. ... Why don't you put something in your trunk one day while somebody's watching from behind a tree or something? Let's see how long it takes 'em to pop your trunk lid and take your stuff.

Front page Thursday's Herald article ... 'Which snack food is makin' you fat?' ... All of the snack foods in the United States will not make you fat. ... Snacks sit on a shelf until you make an effort to eat said snacks. ... If you want to be slim and trim like me, use self-control. You can do it ... if you make a quality decision to get in shape ... and live a healthy lifestyle.

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