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January 30 - I am re inquiring about the piece of paving equipment that was either stolen and
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… I am re … inquiring about the piece of … paving equipment that was either stolen and left or lost and forgotten that's parked in Merrywood … in … an unoccupied … piece of land. I just wanna know why it';s been sittin' there for three weeks and can somebody come and get it or report it stolen or … or do somethin' with it and just get it out of Merrywood? Thank you.

The Republican members on the Supreme Court voted to let big corporations put millions of dollars into campaigns. Did you know … Dubai and the Saudis sit on the baords of these corporations? How sad that these Republican justices have made it legal for corporate money to mandate our freedom. Special interest will roll over you … legally now. The little guy. You've lost again.

This is to the person defendin' the farmers. … Listen, I'm 70 years old … and I never eat any cotton … and never eat any tobacco. … You have a nice day … and you keep on defendin' the farmers while they trash up the roadway, okay?

Well, the city of Statesboro wasn't gonna be happy until they closed the flea market, so now it's happened. … I've been to … other flea markets everywhere and none of 'em have paved parkin' lots. … It sure doesn't make any sense.

A better headline for 'Supreme Court eases campaign finance restrictions' would be 'Supreme Court approves corporate curses government'.

Support earthquake victims in Haiti. Invest time looking into U.S. … type weapons … and why an important U.S. military man like Lt. Gen. King just happened to be in Haiti … the day before the earthquake hit practicing for a relief-providing scenario.

Why does it seem to so many other countries like Nicaragua, and even France, that the U.S. military is occupying Haiti under the guise of giving aide? And why did U.S. forces turn back a French plane carrying aide to Haiti?

The flea market owner is gonna hafta pay … play hardball with the … city council. They need to go 'round and check everybody else that has businesses that doesn't have pavement. Somethin's wrong with the city of Statesboro.

One night I worked late and was drivin' home from the office at 1 a.m. A local cop stopped me. Not because I was speeding or anything. He just wanted to know … why I was out … at 1 a.m. … When did the Constitution die? I thought probable cause or law-breaking should be a reason to stop soneone

… Kudos to Albert Pertallion at the PAC Performance … Performing Arts Center. The acrobat program on Friday night was absolutely incredible. Thanks, Albert.

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