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January 24 - To the person who urges that our language is English and not Greek
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    Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
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    "To the person who urges that our … language is English and not Greek and won't use the X for Xmas: … how will she even … how are they speakin' because English is derived from many different languages as … Spanish, Latin, etc., so, how … how are they even talking if they don't wanna use any foreign language?"

    "… We need a caution light on Pulaski Highway. There have been three accidents on that road at the bypass. A caution light and brighter lights. We have cars comin' from … 16 from Atlanta comin' down Pulaski Highway. Get there and it's dark. … And … please get a caution light 'fore it be entymore accidents or fatalities."

    "Way to go, Georgia Southern basketball program. … Cheat to win at any cost. Hire a bunch of dummies … and cheat so they can be on the team."

        "This message is for all y'all people fussin' 'bout the farmers movin' their equipment up and down the road. Don't do it with your mouth full. 'Cause we're the one that … put food on the tables for y'all."

    "I always thought it was illegal to put political campaign signs on city, county or state right-o-ways. … I just wondered how gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine can have one out in front of Fletcher Memorial Park out on North Main Street."

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