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February 18 - I would like to thank the Kennedy family for puttin' on a fantastic Valentine's Day
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… I would like to thank the Kennedy family for puttin' on a fantastic Valentine's Day celebration. It was a wonderful time … amongst good Christian people.

… I'm callin' about a article that was in the Soundoff about three months ago on the trailer at Mallard Pond Road. What are they doin' for the buildin' … committee? Nuthin's been done at all about that trailer and it looks bad.

Over 800,000 Americans - men, women and children - homeless and starving to death and we're worried about Haiti.

Hey, Statesboro … is it possible for you to put your hand-held devices and or phones … away while you're walking across the pedestrian part of Wal-Mart at 7:30 on a Sunday night? Really? Who are you textin'?

The Olympic security guard company should be fired and the security guards that stood there and did nuthin' while the girl was kicked in the head should be put in jail. Just like the ones that were caught that did it.

All you folks who voted to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy in the military … have never spent any time in the military and have never … spent the night in a foxhole next to someone you're not sure of. … The place for social experimentation … is not … in battle when the country is being protected. Sorry.


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