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August 5 - About abortion. The woman says it's her body. But, it is written, the wife belongs to the
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About abortion. The woman says it's her body. But, it is written, the wife belongs to the husband, the husband to the wife ... the child to the mother, the mother to the child, even the unborn. And we all belong to God.

If you want to know what kindness is, go out to the recycling facility on Highway 80 West ... and the kind manager there will not only help you unload, but will assist you with all your boxes to be broke down. It is also very clean. I went in the rain and he was there with his umbrella to help me. I am so sorry I did not get his name.

To all of the King America employees who obviously keep calling in and trying to deny ... their involvement in the fish kill in the Ogeechee River. ... How about a solution that would work both ways? ... Let's cap off the pipe that's dumpin' all of those chemicals into the Ogeechee. Put it in 55-gallon drums ... and dump it in the employees' yards? And especially send a great amount of it ... back to Chicago where it all came from in the first place.

... I wanted to respond to the item in ... in Soundoff this mornin' about the ... county people who run the motor graders and who work on our roads. ... I'd like to say ... that I've been livin' in the same place for at least 25 years and I've never had a problem with the people who work on the roads. I've always found them to be courteous and helpful in every way. So, you may have someone else ... that I don't have. But they certainly do good job in my area.

  I shudder to think what businessmen who may be thinkin' about relocating their businesses to Statesboro ... must think of the population of this city if they happen to ... read Soundoff. ... They would think we hadn't gone further than the second grade. Please clean up the spellin' and take out all the ums, the ers, the gon instead of garroting. ... It's really disgusting just thinking about it. If it doesn't sound intelligent, don't print it, for heavens sake!

Overheard in a doctor's office. 'My momma says if you want the check, you gotta have the baby.' I don't know whether that explains the 42 percent ... of babies born last week to single mothers, but how many of those babies are going to know their fathers in about one year? Makes one sick to think about those poor babies with no father. Forty-two percent. ... And people wonder what's wrong with our society. ... We all pay.

There's a drug store that sell real good food. ... However, I have spoken to the manager about their hair nets. They tend to not wear them. It's a ... health policy ... that they should wear hats ... hair nets. Please ... please, put on hair nets. Your food is very good. ... The drug store know who they are. The one who sell spaghetti. ... Keep doin' a good job.

Farmers have got to stop irrigatin'. ... I had to have well work done Friday. My pump was hanging out the water. ... Come Monday ... my neighbor did, too. ... Water tables are goin' down because of irrigation. It's got to be stopped.

Hollywood's George Lopez said he's leavin' the country if Sarah Palin wins the White House. Hey, George, do us a favor. ... Go ahead and leave now.

In Washington they're lookin' for additional cuts. ... All they have to do is go to the UN. ... The United Nations and go down the list ... of all the foreign aid. ... Then, pick out the ones ... that vote against us ... every time. Wow! We could save a lot. Pass the Kool-Aid®, please.

Hello. It's Thursday night and ... it's unbelievable. You sit here and watch C-SPAN ... and listen to the total ignorance of Senator Charles Schumer ... and ... Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It is so sad ... that people would actually believe the BS comin' out of those two

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