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August 20 - I' was callin' regarding the call in about the men sitting under the tree on the
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... I' was callin' ... regarding the call in about the ... men sitting under the tree ... on the MLK Drive. ... The person that called should go and find a life for themselves because those men are retired people. They're ... good American citizens. They're not trashin' up the place. ... They're not junkin' up the place. They're not drinkin'. They're not doin' dope. They should go up on the corner at the store ... around those people and ... They should get a life for themselves.

Holy cow! ... Seventy percent of babies born last month in our hospital ... were born to mommas ... who are on Medicaid. ... That's government assistance, welfare. ... What is wrong with our country ... that seven out of 10 women have to be on welfare ... when they're havin' a baby? ... We're all payin' our price.

I just listened to barack Obama say ... that what we need as a country ... is a balanced approach ... to long-term ... deficit management and reduction. ... Why doesn't he just say we need to stop spending more money ... than we have ... and thus balance our budget? Oh, that's right. ... That's what the TEA Party says we need to do. ... I don't guess we'll ever hear him say that.

I hope the people in the ... of the state of Georgia are enjoying this clown ... we got as a governor. ... I, for one ... was a teacher that was laid off due to his cuts. ...Probably a hundred of us altogether, so, y'all enjoy this clown that's ... so up on education we have as governor. He won't be there next election time.

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