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August 11 - I'm leaving this message for Jan Moore, the one that does the reporting on a lot of th
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I'm leaving this message for ... Jan Moore, the one that does the reporting on a lot of the local ... new businesses. ... Apparent. ... But,. I would think ... the zoning and planning commission would've issued the permit for them to actually do some type of construction work off from the ... the main street. ... I'd like to know what's goin' there. ... I know the zoning department knows. They have to know. ... So ... be nice if somebody could do some reporting on ... on something that is very evident that we can see.

Obviously, zero thought went into the traffic flow at the new Julia P. Bryant Elementary School. It's only the second day of school and it is a complete disaster tryin' to drop your children off at school!

Once again, Bulloch County Schools are the first ... to go back to school August 1st. ... So unusual ... that Savannah ... news reports are even ... stating that fact. Spoke to the board of education member from our district. They claim that the teachers ... want this. I've spoken to over 15 teachers. Not one of them ... wants to go to school this early. ... Especially when it's 101 degrees, the bus rides are intolerable and the schools can't even keep ... the classrooms at a tolerable level. Anyone explain why we are going back to school ... so early as opposed to the rest of the state?

... I have a question. How can you live in a Habitat house ... which is supposed to be for low-income families, and drive new SUVs and very expensive new cars? ... That's a question I'd like to ask and ... maybe somebody will have ... the guts to answer it.

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