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April 8 - Just like the state of Georgia. They advertise like crazy for people to renew or update dr
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Just like the state of Georgia. They advertise like crazy for people to renew or update driver's license online — on the Georgia Department of Drivers Services Web site — and four weeks later you get an email saying … they cannot confirm your information through the postal service … and to go to your local office. What a joke!

This is to the person who … made the comment in Soundoff about if you have a fifth grade education … about the $41,000 bein' stole from the bank. Obviously, you must only have a fourth grade education. It's public knowledge … that the man pled guilty. … That means he's a felon. He did steal the money. So, do your homework.

I keep reading in the paper where we're encouraged to shop locally in Statesboro and  Bulloch County, not to go out of town. But, yet, I see local; retailers … bringin' in outside contractors and subcontractors to do their work  on their retail stores rather than use local people. They order … supplies … furniture and stuff … from outta town. They buy their vehicles from outta town. And then they wanna whine because local people don't shop with them. … You made your bed, you sleep in it. Alone.

… I'd like to thank the … Department of Veterans Service … Ms. Coleman here in Statesboro, Georgia … for workin' with us disabled veterans. … She's does a really good job and we appreciate her service. Thank you.

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