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Police Report 9-20-11 - A man and woman argued over a dog barking
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    Note: All information included in this report is taken from law enforcement incident reports and arrest records, which are public records and available for review at any and all local law enforcement agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.


    James Joshua Sharpe, 24, Mag Davis Road, Nevils — wanted person.
    Clerence Printis Cooper, 24, Cross Creek Farm road, Brooklet — wanted person.
    Kandice Louise Mitchell, 24, Cypress Avenue — suspended license, defective headlight.

    WILBURN CIRCLE — An officer responded to a fight between sisters.
    INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES — A woman said her husband drove to the restaurant while intoxicated, with their 14-month-old son in the car.
    EDGEWOOD DRIVE — Several mail boxes were damaged by an unknown person.
    JET DRIVE — Someone threw eggs on a car.
    ST. CHARLES PLACE APARTMENTS — A man said another man with whom he has fought before came to his house making threats. He returned with a group of friends, but they all fled when someone called police.
    PARK PLACE APARTMENTS — A man reported the theft of a gold ring.

    Due to space limitations, weekend arrests will be published Wednesday.

    JOHN GODLEY ROAD — (Statesboro) Deputies responded to a civil dispute over land boundaries.
    KENNEDY BRIDGE ROAD — (Register) Copper wire and tractor batteries were stolen.
    HERITAGE BANK —(Statesboro) A woman said someone used her account information to make out-of-state purchases without her permission.
    WALGREENS —(Statesboro) A woman said a man against whom she has a protective order tried to strike her with a vehicle. The man told deputies he pulled into the parking lot, saw the woman, and left out of respect for the protective order. He denied trying to strike her with the vehicle.
    SHACK ROAD —(Statesboro) A woman said her daughter recently had a baby, and has suffered mental issues. The grandmother has been taking care of the baby and when she discussed this with the mother, an argument ensued.
    DRY BRANCH VILLAGE — (Register) A fight between two men resulted in one showing visible injuries. The offender was not on the scene when deputies arrived.
    PROSSER ROAD —(Statesboro) A man and woman argued over a dog barking.
    BROOK RUN DRIVE — (Register) A woman said she heard her storm door open and found it ajar, but saw no one.
    CEDARWOOD ACRES MOBILE HOME PARK — (Register) A man reported being threatened with physical harm by an unknown caller.
    UPPER BLACK CREEK PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH — (Brooklet) A man said someone broke in and shattered a window. Screens were removed and shoe prints were found inside and outside of the church. Nothing was reported missing.
    SEA ISLAND BANK —(Statesboro) A woman reported her bank account was charged three times out of state for purchases she did not make.
    FIRST SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK – (Statesboro) A woman said someone used a forged copy of her account card to make a $300 purchase at a Kentucky Walmart.
    DOY NEWTON VILLAGE — (Clito) A dog (pit bull) bit a 10-year-old. Humane Enforcement investigated as well as deputies responded. The bite was minor, to the shoulder, and the child was taken to the hospital for treatment.
    In a separate incident with a different dog (chow), a woman reported being bitten as well.
    SOUTH MAIN STREET – A man who took a friend’s truck while he was in the shower ran a red light and fled from police through several city streets before abandoning the truck and fleeing on foot. Warrants were issued for his arrest.
    MIDDLEGROUND ROAD — (Statesboro) A man reported a four-wheeler stolen.

    DUI arrests — none listed. 
    Seat belt citations — three.
    Child restraint citations — one.
    Speeding citations — 15.
    Total citations — 25.
    Crashes investigated — six.
    Fatalities reported —none.
    Injuries reported — one.
    Total vehicle stops — 47.
    Seat belt warnings — four.
    Child restraint warnings — none.
    Speeding warnings — 16.
    Total warnings — 34.
    Wanted persons apprehended — none.
    Stolen vehicles recovered — none.
    Road checks performed — none.
    Motorists assisted — one
    Miles patrolled — 1,294.


    Officers issued two traffic citations Friday, six Saturday, and one Sunday.
    Brandon Lamar Bynum, 21, Statesboro Place Circle — public indecency.
    Rhett Patrick Roberts, 18, Eagle Village — underage possession/consumption of alcohol.

    FRIDAY — Officers issued three traffic warnings and assisted four motorists.
    SATURDAY — Officers issued three traffic warnings, assisted three motorists and responded to two alarms.
    SUNDAY — Officers issued three traffic warnings, assisted one motorist, responded to one sick person and two injured persons and one alarm.
    SOUTHERN COURTYARD — A vehicle was keyed (scratched.)
    RECREATION ACTIVITY CENTER — Police investigated a fight.
    EAGLE VILLAGE —Officers investigated a fight on one call, and checked out an intoxicated person complaint another time.

Law Enforcement Reports

    Central 911 Dispatchers issued the following calls Friday — Monday:
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Friday — 17 calls.
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday — 16 calls.
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday  — 12 calls.

    Statesboro Police Department/Friday — 26   calls.
    Statesboro Police Department/Saturday — 27 calls.
    Statesboro Police Department/Sunday — 23    calls.

    Georgia Southern University Police/Friday — no calls.
    Georgia Southern University Police/Saturday — one call.
    Georgia Southern University Police/Sunday — no calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Friday — seven calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Saturday — five calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Sunday — four calls.

    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Friday — 13 calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday — seven calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday — nine calls.

    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Friday — four calls.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday — two calls.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday — one call.
    Claxton Police Department /Friday — no calls.
    Claxton Police Department/Saturday — one call.
    Claxton Police Department/Sunday — no     calls.
      Portal Police Department/Saturday — two calls.
    Portal Police Department/Sunday — one call.

    Brooklet Police Department/Saturday — one call.

Fire Department Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Friday — Sunday:
    Statesboro Fire Department/Friday — two calls.
    Statesboro Fire Department/Saturday — five calls.
    Statesboro Fire Department/Sunday — three calls.

    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Friday — two calls.
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Saturday — three calls.
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Sunday — one call.
    Metter Fire Department/Friday — one call.
    Metter Fire Department/Saturday — one call.
    Metter Fire Department/Sunday — no calls.

Emergency Medical Service Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Friday — Sunday:
    Bulloch County EMS/Friday — two accident calls, one fire call and 12 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Saturday — one fire call and 16 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Sunday — one accident call and 13 medical calls.

    Candler County EMS/Friday — four medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Saturday — two medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Sunday — medical calls.

    Evans County EMS/Friday — two medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Saturday — one accident call.
    Evans County EMS/Sunday —  medical calls.

    Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Friday — a call to the Bulloch county coroner, two calls to Bulloch County First Responders.

    Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Saturday — one to Bulloch Humane Enforcement; five to Bulloch County First Responders;  a call to Georgia Forestry Commission/Candler; and two miscellaneous calls.

    Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Sunday — a call to the Bulloch County corner, two calls to Bulloch County First Responders and a call to Candler County First Responders.

Compiled by Holli Deal Bragg