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OTC GIS program benefits Southern Master's students
Program offers more knowledge to GSU anthropology students
OTC masters photo for Web
Georgia Southern Master’s students, Brian Milner and Misty Dunn, are shown in Ogeechee Technical College's GIS classroom. - photo by Special
    It may be surprising to learn of a Master's degree student attending a technical college, but students in Georgia Southern University's Master of Arts in Social Science with a concentration in Anthropology students are doing just that at Ogeechee Technical College.  
    Ogeechee Tech's Geographic Information Systems program offers an enhancement to students who will be mapping archeological sites as they combine their Master's level knowledge with technical knowledge and skills learned at Ogeechee Tech.  
    According to OTC's Geographic Information Systems instructor, John Locke, GIS skills can benefit people in quite a few professions, such as agriculture, forensic science and anthropology and archeology.  
    “GIS teaches students about Geographic Positioning Satellites, which is the modern way of mapping out and recording data about an area or specific location,” Locke said. “The GSU students who complete their Master's degree while also adding our GIS training have more capability and more to offer a potential employer.”
    Currently two GSU students are enrolled in GIS at Ogeechee Tech, but Locke hopes that more will enroll in the future.  
    “Our first two Anthropology program students are forging new ground by enrolling in our program here at OTC.  I hope that we will have others who see the value in pursuing this bonus education to their Master's degree,” said Locke.  
    The Georgia Southern students who are taking the classes at OTC are Misty Dunn and Brian Milner and they believe that the information learned at Ogeechee Tech will only help them be more employable.  
    “I think any extra knowledge gained in our field can only help,” Milner said. “The skills I am learning at Ogeechee Tech will give me an added edge when coupled with my Master's degree.”
    Dunn agreed.
    “I know that finding a job can sometimes be a challenge, and having supplemental skills can provide the extra advantage when someone looks at a resume, or when discussing professional capabilities in an interview.”
    Dr. Dawn Cartee, Ogeechee Tech president, is pleased with the affiliation of the two programs.
    “We have a number of programs that provide enhancement to existing education or current programs at some other school,” she said. “Often people find that a certificate, diploma, or Associate degree from Ogeechee Tech provides a benefit far beyond the actual skills learned in their classes.  Often it means the difference in standing out against other job applicants or not.”
    Ogeechee Tech CIS instructor, Terry Hand, said: “We also have a number of Georgia Southern Information Technology students who come to us to get various computer related certifications, in fact, we are the leading technical college in the state for Microsoft certifications, and that is to a great extent because of the GSU students who take advantage of our program.”
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