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No tax hike
Council passes new budget with no hike in taxes
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    Statesboro property tax rates will remain stable as the city council unanimously voted Tuesday to hold steady the city's current property tax millage rate for 2009.
    At 6.358 mils, Statesboro’s millage rate has not changed in three years and is lower than the rate in 2004-06.
    "We haven't raised the ad valorem taxes in the city for the last four or five years," Councilman Tommy Blitch said.
    In 2006, the council actually lowered the rate due to rapid growth in the tax digest — the value of the total taxable property - from 6.921 mils to it current level.
    City Manager Shane Haynes said at the first Sept. council meeting that economic development in the city has increased the property tax base, which has allowed the city to maintain the existing tax rate.
    Net taxes levied by the city, in the form of property taxes, amounts to $3,969,548 for the 2009 fiscal year. That is just under a one percent increase over FY 2008. The 2009 taxes will be used for the city's 2010 fiscal year.
    The council also voted to set December 20 as the deadline for property owners to pay their property tax.
    In other action, the council passed a resolution to change the name of newly named Clover Loop to Hummingbird Circle. Recently, many of the streets off Lester Road that started with "Valley" were renamed because they were causing confusion and delays for emergency response personnel and delivery services. Valley Trail was slated to be changed to Clover Loop, but a group of residents on that street contacted Fire Chief Dennis Merrifield and informed him of their preferred name.

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