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Mornings unPHILtered - Gov. candidate supports states rights
Ray McBerry also wants to stop federal taxation of goods sold in state
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    Tuesday's “Mornings unPHILtered” guest spoke about Georgia and its rights. Ray McBerry, who is running for the Republican Party's gubernatorial nomination, said the state is not standing up for its rights.
    Show host Phil Boyum asked McBerry why he's running for the job, and said because there wasn't a “Constitutionalist” among the announced candidates. McBerry said it should be the job of the governor to ensure that the state resists federal encroachment into Georgia's rights.
    McBerry said that individual states should be willing to pass bills of nullification when the state believes its rights are being ignored or denied. McBerry said he helped put together a commerce bill in which anything produced and sold in Georgia would be exempt from federal taxation.
    Asked by show host Phil Boyum about America's huge number of prisons and prisoners, McBerry agreed there are too many people in jail. He said many crimes, especially those with no victims, probably don't deserve imprisonment, citing arrests for marijuana possession as an example.
    Concerning education and student performance in Georgia, McBerry said he is the only educator amongst all of the Gubernatorial candidates. He said he has visited all 159 counties in the state of Georgia carrying his message to the people.
    He suggested the way to improve the state of public education in Georgia would be threefold: first, restore local control of education; and then secondly, establish more competition in the field of public education. McBerry suggested using vouchers as way to make public schools work even harder to keep or attract students.
    The final improvement would be to encourage more students to seek a vocational education instead of a traditional college-track. McBerry said students need to begin training for the career path they really intend to follow.
    Also, McBerry said he is the only candidate who wants Georgia to switch from income taxes to a system of retail taxes. Boyum pondered whether or not those revenues were stable enough to be able to pay the state's bills in these rough economic times.
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