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We all need to fight more for education resources
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      I was informed that my county's Board of Education is having to consider new hours for schools due to budget cuts.
While I understand that there is only so much money to be shared among hundreds of recipients, I do not understand why it is always the children who have to suffer when our shortcomings are passed around. Georgia schools already rank at the lowest in the nation, so how can this current slap in the face help to raise our national ranking?
      It seems that the children never matter when it comes to problems with this country and state. Do the people who run our government not realize that the children who attend our schools are the future government officials who will one day control our state and country? We used to be one nation under God. Now it seems that we are one nation under many other things which have absolutely no contact with God nor reality. We are one nation under funded, under cared for, under achieved, under concerned, and under many more things that we should care about.
      If it is something that is totally useless or doesn't have any benefits for us at all, our government will vote like crazy to fund it. For things that will help us all in the long run (i.e., our children) our government will refuse to invest one thin dime.
      I will agree that many of the people who run to the polls every election day, have very little idea what a true government can and cannot do. Most people who vote and those who do not vote don't understand that most of the things they are voting for are only ideas and ideals that the candidate hopes to achieve if elected and he/she will not have the power to put into operation the things he/she promises in hopes to win the election.
      Every idea and every promise pitched during a campaign has to be voted for by another body of government in order for it to become law. The people of this country and state need education more than anything else offered to them by the government or any other organization. How else are they to find out what is truly their "power."
      My point in all of this is that everything we are, do, have, and say comes from our own personal education. Who we are as a people all comes from our education, starting from birth. In a word; education is a birthright and we are the most fortunate people on earth for having this. Now is not the time to drop the ball. We need to educate our children so that we no longer continue to make the mistakes we have made in the past. We all remember the things we got right, but no one wants to talk about, much less admit the things we got wrong. If we don't learn, how do we make it better?
      My grandson is a 7-year-old student at the Swainsboro Primary School. He is one of the smartest children in that school. He is in the gifted program. He plays baseball, is a Tiger Scout, and does the seasonal sporting activities offered in our community. He has the highest level of AR reading in his school, for which his picture is posted on the wall right outside of the library in his school. He reads, he learns, he exercises. He is smart, funny, and is a generally all around wonderful child and I just don't see my government, who was so blessed, throwing this child to the wolves. He wants to be a doctor, a scientist, and a professional athlete at this point. I realize that he can't do all of this at one time, but he doesn't. 

  Are you going to tell him that there is no use in doing his best at everything he tries because the adults in his life don't think he is worthy or important enough to do their best to see that his dreams come true. I am not telling him that. I make the effort and encourage him.
      He is still at that little sponge stage and as long as there is breath in my body, I will do everything I can to see to it he gets what he needs to learn what he needs to.
      Please do the right thing. Please fight for the children of this state and country. If we owe them nothing else, we owe them the right to be educated enough to take care of themselves in the future. We owe them the right to reach as high as they can and never tell them they "can't." How many times have we been told, "It can't be done!", then it was.
      Fight for these children, my children. If you never do the right thing again in your life, do it now.
Martha K. Mulling

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