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U.S could have avoided Iraq war
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            The United States could have avoided the war in Iraq. In November 2003, Saddam sent “Imad Hage Lebanese-American businessman” to contract the Bush administration. Saddam was willing to work with the United States, but the Bush administration was ready for war. This was the first war in history we didn’t have the United Nations on our side. When the Bush administration realized we needed help with money, that’s when they asked for help. After months in Iraq, David Kay, Chief U.S. Weapons inspector in Iraq, said, “We were all wrong, probably in my judgment, and that is most disturbing.”

            U.S. taxpayers’ money is going to waste. At Baghdad International Airport, 11.8 million dollars worth of new electrical generators have been installed; but when U.S. inspectors inspected the airport, 8.6 million dollars worth of generators were no longer working. We have spent over 422.2 billion dollars during this war. The United States has spent all of this money in another country, when people in the United States needed help. This money could have helped children’s health care, public education and college scholarships.

            The United States has helped enough and it is time to come home. This is my opinion but it is also a reality in America. We must put a stop to Bush administration.

Flossie Jackson

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