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Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations unlimited political spending is dangerous
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      Please join with me in calling for our elected officials to minimize or overturn the lawless Supreme Court decision which grants full personhood rights to corporations.
      This un-Constitutional judgment, which overturns all well-settled precedents, will result in the death of our democracy. The US will become a state governed to serve corporations, not the interests of our citizens:   fascist.  Many corporations are multi-national, and all are self-interested.  Why should their huge bankrolls be officially allowed to corrupt our lawmakers and buy elections for new candidates who will do their bidding once in office?
      Congress can take many actions to ameliorate this judicial crime, up to and including a Constitutional amendment to repudiate its unfounded interpretation.  Rep. Grayson has several creative ideas.  We should also bring back The Fairness Doctrine with real teeth, aggressive public financing of elections, and the forbidding of corporations with any foreign ownership interest from exercising this outrageous new privilege to influence our government.
      Any action that can be taken to keep wealthy corporate interests from further drowning out the voice of the American people MUST be taken.  Congress has both the right and the obligation to do this.
Nancy Collins

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