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Stop the fear tactics about the health care bill
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      Please stop the fear tactics about health care the people have spoken and now it is time to move forward. America has been a prisoner under health care for many years and now we are fighting back. I know that many doctors and other factions of the health care system are having a moment right now, and their answer is to scare uninformed Americans to death.
      I have one thing to say America “Think it isn’t illegal yet!” I read all of the letters to the editors every Sunday.
I want to take a few lines of your paper today and write about where we are as a country when it comes to health care. I think we all believe that everyone should have access to health care in some way however, the question is how do we do it in an affordable way?
      I took the liberty to take some of the numbers that the authors of last week wrote about and compared them to what it cost America as our present health care program stands; actually we have no health care plan so I use the term loosely.
1.    Mandated health care, you must have health care if you want it or not that is a scary scenario, sounds like car insurance, but I do not see states suing the federal government about that. What is the difference, I should be able to drive my car without insurance right? I am sure you are saying, “Okay he is reaching” but I am not the uninsured motorist is just as critical when it comes to the bottom line, money.
2.    Lets talk figures, America spends more money on health care than any other industrialized nation yet a 2009 Harvard study published in the American Journal of public health stated that 44,800 excess deaths annually were related to lack of health care, it cost on average $219 a day for assisted living that comes to about $79,000  a year per person and you wonder why social security is going broke? I bet the lawyers are complaining about the new program as well considering that 62 percent of all personal bankruptcies are related to not being able to pay for services rendered for health care.
3.    Small business owners will have to pay for health care for their employees well the bill states that you must have 50 employees to be considered for this measure if you have 50 employees, than small I question and you should provide care I am sure you want your people healthy so your production is not hindered by numerous absences for being sick. But rest assured you will be in a very competitive market from health care providers who must lower cost to remain vibrant in the industry unlike now where you could be charged at their leisure.
4.    The cost of this new program. Over 10 years one of the authors wrote that this program will cost over one trillion dollars! That my friends is a lot of money, no one can argue that fact, but consider this, in a health affairs study 2004 $65 to $130 dollars goes to uncompensated health care since the numbers were so broad I simply averaged the cost. In 10 years if we stay the course it will cost us the American citizens $9.8 trillion to take care of people without health care and do not forget the $79,000 per person on assisted living.
      I believe that all Americans should receive health care and I am not one who is not covered I have health care and could easily say that is not my problem, but it is my problem it is our problem and we must act on this situation before it is our great grandchildren problem.
      I am not saying that this is a perfect bill but neither is our constitution “In order to make a more perfect government” but we have to make a stand now. I am sure that all who oppose this bill have health care but consider the options you would have if you did not have health care, would you feel comfortable if your child lived among us without health care. I have a good read for all who fear change “Who Moved My Cheese.”
Randall Walker

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