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Right candidate for state school superintendent is a write-in
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      As an educator, I have not heard one candidate for state school superintendent express any strategies for achieving educational change and reform until I heard Dr. Howard Miller, Ph.D. speak at a press conference in Savannah. 
       He spoke on Sept. 14 in Calhoun Square, across from the Massie School; historically, one of the first public schools built in Georgia. Dr. Miller announced his plans as write-in candidate to seek the superintendent post in the upcoming general election on Nov. 2. He described himself as a “life-long educator” committed to educational excellence.
      Howard stated that his plan to improve the quality of education provided by our public schools to our student calls for the use of public referendums to be used to allow voters to vote to:
1.    “de-monopolize” the Georgia Power Company, in order to ensure that the company does not maintain its monopoly on electricity production and the pricing of utility rates in Georgia, so to encourage competition between utility companies leading to reduced cost for electricity by individual consumers and small businesses;
2.    “de-legalize” any proposed or existing laws that require balancing the state budget, where it involves cutting state funding to the state’s public schools;
3.    “de-authorize” the use of different agencies or processes for granting approval for establishing charter schools, in order to allow school district voters to vote to approve charter schools; and
4.    “de-politicize” the selection of members to the State Board of Education, in order to allow voters to elect such members in a non-partisan election.
      After responding to series of questions, he encouraged voters to go to review his website at for more about his plans to ensure that our public schools provide a quality, second to none, 21st Century public school education to all students across the state. 
Ruth Falls
Pooler, GA

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