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Problems are growing worse in world, Washington
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      The problems are growing much worse and at a much faster pace in Washington and in the Middle East. The lies are growing bigger and bolder as the White House and the Congress are digging a hole so deep that it will possibly bankrupt the nation.
      The budget that President Obama has sent to Congress is stuffed with all of the things that he promised we could not afford just last week in the State of the Union. If you or I were in debt, we would tighten our belts, buy less, cut costs in all the areas that we could. This would be even more important if our income was lower. Well, the United States is bringing in less tax money – the more Americans out of work means less tax money paid in to the system.
      However, the budget is full of funding of projects that might be important, but not so important that we must bankrupt the nation to pay for them. Yes, there are certain things that are mandates, but the budget has billions of dollars in the budget that can be left out until we are in better fiscal shape. Write your congressman and tell them to say no to the budget and tell them it is time to stop spending and start saving.
      By the time you read this, there will be a very good chance that the Middle East will be at war that is even worse than what is going on now. The government of Iran, on the 30th anniversary of the revolution (remember the American hostages that were held during the Carter administration?) is very close to having a nuclear weapon.
      President Ahmidinijad of Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off of the map and he is “crazy” enough to do it. His brand of Islam is one of the most radical of all of the various brands there are. Basically, he sees Israel as the small Satan and the United States as the Great Satan. President Obama thinks we can be “friends” when what Ahmidinijad wants is to destroy both countries.
      The United States seems to believe that putting various punishments and sanctions on Iran will stop them from producing the nuclear weapons that Iran is currently working on. That is delusional and dangerous thinking.
      I believe that Iran already has the capabilities, the self-righteous desire, and most of all, the plans to attack Israel in the very near future. That will change everything in the Middle East – forever. We will be forced to attack a nuclear-armed power that will almost certainly bring other powers into the mix. We haven’t seen war yet.
      I think we have waited too long to stop the attack. Only the will and power of Israel can prevent the attack. I also believe that Israel will attack Iran before this attack will happen – possibly in the next few weeks.
      Unfortunately, America is in such a poor position due to the inability of the Obama administration to make solid decisions and the constant lying and incompetence by those in his cabinet. America is at her weakest position since perhaps 1941. We are financially wrecked, our economy is shaky, jobs are continuing to be lost, and the citizens have little faith in a turn around in the near future.
      We do have a way out. It will be unpopular and it will be very difficult. We must stop spending all unnecessary monies and put the Iranians out of action once and for all. There are a large group of men and women in Iran who are ready to take over from the current administration, and it is our duty and our salvation to help them overthrow Ahmidinijad regime.
      At the same time, we must get our respect back and put governments like China and Russia back in proper perspective. At the present time, China is telling us what to do – and we are doing it. This must stop.
      Each of us must write our representatives, keep up with the real news, and most of all, pray. St. Augustine said each of us must pray as though God must do everything and work as though we must do everything. Now is the time to take his advice.
Tom Grovenstein

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