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President Obama and the 'black' agenda
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      There has been much talk lately about President Obama and whether or not he is staying true to his commitment to Black America. Some feel that he has tabled the Black Agenda.
      It is essential for all Americans to understand that our President was elected to address issues fundamental to improving America as a whole, and often those issues can be defined by race, demographics, and socioeconomic status. There are issues sensitive to the Black community and as Americans we should be critical of any president regardless of their race.
      However, we have to understand the difference between legislation and individual responsibility. President Obama and our congressional leaders can pass laws until they turn blue in the face. Our government can reform health care, education, and everything in between, but as citizens we have to challenge ourselves to do better as well.
      We cannot pass laws that force our kids to put down the playstation and pick up the flashcards. We often struggle in reading and math and it’s so easy to blame our teachers and principals, but maybe the problem is at home where there is a 52-inch TV, but a 4 inch bookshelf.
      Somewhere down the line we even thought that the entire neighborhood wanted to hear the music playing in our cars. We must also strategically evaluate our organizations and civic groups and remind them to quit playing politics and refocus on the principles in which they were founded.
      There are issues on the so called “Black Agenda” that need to be addressed from the top, but as citizens let’s do our part and eliminate most of the items that we can. 
Alvie Coes, III
Statesboro, GA

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