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One Statesboro mom's picks for upcoming Georgia GOP runoff election
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      As a mom, my most pressing concern is the future of this nation for my children. You'd think it would be the daily ins and outs of motherhood. Do I have bandages? Daily medicines? Who are my kids’ friends? What will we eat for dinner?
      It's true, those used to be my most pressing concerns. More recently, however, the most heart pounding panic attacks I've had have been because of a growing concern for my children's America. The America I grew up in and the path that it is on now are not similar in any way. Government swelling of debt, intrusion into my home, intrusion into my bank, intrusion into the private sector where my husband and I hold jobs and provide for our children. It's overwhelming.
      Being someone who had never given a second thought to anything political, it's somewhat refreshing to be able to get asked a question about my opinion on what's going on, and actually be able to give an effective and factual response.
      With that being said, as a mom, like many of you, I'm going to share my picks for this Aug.10 runoff.
GA GOP Runoff Elections Governor:
Karen Handel
Nathan Deal

      This is a highly contested race. I've watched Handel since the beginning of her campaign and really started to like her when she refused to debate Ray McBerry. Not because it was the cool thing to do, not because it was easy, but because it was principled. She felt strongly on the issue, and even on the GPTV debate - people were waiting with baited breath to see if she would show up and stand on stage with McBerry. Even then, she stood her ground. For her principled stand against "politics as usual" and "putting up with it just because that's what everyone else is doing,’ my vote is Karen Handel.
Attorney General:
Sam Olens
Preston Smith

      I met Preston Smith at the May 7 meet and greet in Statesboro. The very first question I asked him was "What is your opinion of Obamacare". He took out a brochure and said "It says it right here, get rid of it!" He didn't twinkle toes around his answer, he flat out says who he is. He's also not afraid to stir things up.
Preston Smith has my vote.
Insurance Commissioner
Ralph T. Hudgens
Maria Sheffield

      "The hardest little working woman in Politics." That phrase wraps up Sheffield. She has her feet on the street, and I get Facebook Mobile updates from her often. Each telling me who she's speaking with and where she is currently.  There's rarely a day this quiet conservative goes without posting something "campaign" related. She is kind and gentle, but when called upon, comes up with gems like this (from her site)  "I will refuse to participate in any Obamacare policies which come across my desk: in the strongest manner possible I will fight the health care and health insurance takeover by the Obama Administration." For her humble servants heart and fierce lioness principles, Maria Sheffield has my vote.
U.S. House of Representatives (District 12)
Raymond McKinney
Carl Smith

      The first time I heard the name "Carl Smith" was when we were coordinating a TEA Party and looking for strong conservative TEA Party pPrincipled people to speak to and energize our crowd. 
      A conservative, Christian and quiet mannered man, Carl Smith took the podium and didn't throw any books at us, didn't tell us how good of a Christian he was, he basically said "I'm a dad, and as a dad my first priority is to protect my son. I don't like the way this country is headed, it's jeopardizing my son's future, so I intend to do something about it". 
      Carl and I kept touch occasionally through Facebook until March, when the "Code Red" rally was held in Washington. A group of friends and I were discussing going up there and Carl messaged me "Got room for one more?" 
Fast forward to July 20, primary day when I see this gentle giant, strength of steel and heart of a champion stand up and be humbled to have the ability to continue his effort to make a difference in his district, and his nation, it was awe inspiring. 
      Because of his faith, because of his unwavering principles, because of his love of family & country, and because of his belief that feet on the street do make a difference, my vote is for Carl Smith.
Heather Merritt

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