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More questions remain unanswered in wake of firing of police, fire chief
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      This letter was written and sent to the Herald on May 24 but somehow got lost; therefore, I am submitting it again.  Even though there have been “retirement“ parties I feel more needs to be investigated and said.
      When I read the Statesboro Herald headlines Friday, May 21, I was amazed! Police and Fire Chiefs and others fired immediately! This does not seem to be smart, administrative management; more power play!
      The more I read the more concerned I became that these actions were taken and that the City Council members and the Mayor condoned these actions.
      I do not know all of the people fired. I do know Chief York and Fire Chief Merrifield has been very helpful in providing information needed time to time.
      Chief Stan York, is an honest, caring man who has worked many, many years assuring the citizens their concerns would be taken care of fast and fairly. This confidence is invaluable and earned through years of service to the Statesboro Police Department and the entire community.
      Now – comes a city manager who makes the statement in the Statesboro Herald that “he ( manager) and his staff looked at job details, not individuals to determine which positions would be eliminated”.
      Individuals make positions what they are – good or bad! To take away experience, knowledge, for dollars is a travesty to all. Also, where does that leave the “newly appointed”? When will they too, be eliminated for someone with a lower pay scale? What will happen to them if they might displease a council member(s), the Mayor or the city manager, while doing their job benefiting the community?
      Where were the City Council members? Did they even think when they signed on for these eliminations? Did not even one council member think through the effects and consequences of this “immediacy”? The people involved?
The excellence and years they have given to the City of Statesboro?
City Council members and the Mayoral position are paid, part-time jobs; presumably each makes his living through private enterprise;  how much would city council  and mayoral salaries save the budget?
      True, I no longer live within the confines of the city limits of Statesboro.  But the actions of the the City of Statesboro government affects us all. The majority of us receive our mail through a Statesboro address and are assumed by people elsewhere to be part of what happens in Statesboro. This action casts shadows and questions on the governmental efficiency and actions of the entire community if this type of government is condoned.
      Before these firings we all knew each time we were in Statesboro we were safe, would be taken care of by people with knowledge and expertise earned through years of work and dedication.
      To consider these people whose jobs were abruptly, harshly terminated – immediately--as numbers easily erased to juggle a budget is thoughtless; there should be and are many ways to save money needed as other city governments have discovered and used.
      This action erases the community confidence and spirit of Statesboro – the most prized value Statesboro has heretofore maintained, which made this a unique and great place to live.
      These public servants certainly deserved better!
      The citizens deserved and deserve better!
E. Ruth Green, Ph.D.

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