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Letter - Remembering Tappy Roesel
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  Ah, Tappy Roesel.

            What dignity. What a smile turning to impish grins.

I will remember her dashing figure on the tennis court as she and husband, Albert, went at it. I will remember the many stories she provided me in the early days of my running the P. R. shop for Southern.

            But what tops the list took place Christmas, l995, during

my book signing of Granny at Wal-Mart. Up she walks, turns that

head and asked “what is the most important thing Granny taught you?”

            That there is a heaven and there is eternal life.

            With that she gave me a hug and said “how true. For you see, each day we are in a constant state of graduation. And when our day comes, we will cross the stage into peace.”

            For certain, during an evening this past week, St. Pete

had the Phi Beta Kappa hood waiting for the arrival of this angel of a lady.


Ric Mandes
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