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Getting to the mountain top to encourage others
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    In November 2008, my wife and I were told the dreaded words no one wants to hear, "you have cancer." After the initial shock of knowing that my life may be cut short by this terrible disease, we began to study to understand multiple myeloma. A bone marrow transplant with a matching donor (preferably a brother) was the only way to eradicate the body of the bad cancer cells. Two transplants were required, one using my own stem cells and a second using the donor's. This treatment takes six months to a year, but a person is never really released by the oncologist. This brings me to the reason for this letter; which is to say I am in remission, or, as I like to think, healed.
    It is only through wonderful medical treatment, prayer and much fasting that I can look forward to a long life again. At one of my lowest points after a treatment, while at home alone, I had a visitation from God. He told me I would go through a long valley but make it to the mountaintop, to be an encouragement to others.
    I would like to thank my loving wife and children who have been with me every step of the way. I am grateful to family and friends, doctors, nurses and churches that helped me to be cancer free. This letter is also meant to be an encouragement to anyone fighting cancer in any form. It is my prayer that real soon you, too, will reach your mountaintop.
    Thank you again.

Mike and Alethia Ellis


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