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Democrats ignore will of the people and pass health care bill
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    I have enjoyed the last 15 years of my insurance career in the health care field, and I am well aware of our country’s need for health care reform. However, socialized medicine is not the answer. In July of 2009, I along with 21 others from Georgia joined 1,100 people from the insurance industry across the country in Washington, D.C., to lobby against the proposed health care legislation. Unfortunately, our requests for legislation that would encourage more competition, tort reform and wellness initiatives to help lower health insurance premiums fell on deaf ears.
    Instead, Congress has passed legislation that will burden already financially strained businesses with taxes and fees, ration quality care for our seniors and potentially all Americans, broaden health care services to illegal immigrants and add to our country’s growing deficit. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the health care bill would cost $947 billion over the next 10 years. However, that estimate doesn’t include the “Doctors Fix” and does include the $500 billion of savings from Medicare that is not likely to occur. Thus, the actual cost of this bill will exceed $2 trillion and is estimated to increase our federal deficit not reduce it.
    So, against the will of the American pPeople, the Democratic Party has passed legislation that will burden our already strained economy and still not solve the problems of healthcare in our country. AT&T, Caterpillar and Verizon to name a few corporations have already begun speaking out about the increased cost to them to fund this bill. Do you think with additional costs they will be hiring new people or laying people off?  Of course, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid aren’t concerned if this bill will result in loss of jobs or rationed care because they aren’t subject to this bill. It won’t affect them.
    Do they truly think it’s good business sense to implement a program that requires 10 years of funding for only six years of benefits? Not to mention, that every other program that the federal government has taken over is bankrupt. I ask you, what other socialized health care model has worked? Of course with a 2,700 page bill that existed for only 72 hours prior to being voted on, one must consider that most in Congress are still unsure of what is actually in the Bill. Oh yeah, lest I forget, as Speaker Pelosi stated, “We must first pass the bill so we can find out what’s in the bill.” Are you kidding me? Is this how our country is being run? Are they so busy furthering their political platform that they’ve lost sight of what our government’s purpose is or is it that they just don’t care? Either answer is unacceptable to me.
    Many states are actively preparing to take legal action against our government for passing legislation that violates our Constitution and our Commerce Clause.  Even as Congress was warned that they were extending beyond their legal jurisdiction in regards to enacting health insurance mandates, the Democratic Party bullied ahead with “sweetheart deals” in order to get the necessary votes needed to pass the bill. The arrogance in which these representatives have performed with no regards, to our constitution or to those that they represent, is astounding to me and quite honestly, very frightening.
    No, Senator Reid, I don’t want my parents to be limited to what health care they are eligible for because of their age. No, Speaker Pelosi, I don’t want either of my two small businesses to be unnecessarily taxed in an already challenging economy. And No, Mr. President, this isn’t a racial issue. This is a constitutional issue. This is a free enterprise issue. This is an issue about democracy and liberty.
    I am truly saddened that our country, my country, has resulted in this mentality of government. What happened to the ideals of hard work and personal accountability and responsibility? You see, Mr. President, I feel I am now the minority in teaching my children they must work hard and pay their own way. It appears the majority is being taught lessons of entitlement. 
    I would like to make this plea on behalf of our children and grandchildren that will pay the price for our government of today.  If you are fed up with bigger government, I encourage you to get involved politically and help take back our country by electing conservative, fiscally minded representatives that believe in the free enterprise system and competition and more personal accountability. May God Bless our country.
Ashley Hines Ellis
Blount, Burke, Wimberly
& Hendricks Insurors

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