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Argument against gay marriage unAmerican
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            The subject of same-sex marriage is as hot now as it has ever been. Everyday I hear unpleasant and hurtful remarks from those in opposition to allowing state-sanctioned homosexual marriages. Unfortunately, most who oppose same-sex unions and marriages believe themselves to be on the moral high ground. But is it not obvious that embracing diversity and tolerance is also morally precise, if not more so?

            Whether one defines homosexuality as a natural-born condition, state of being or a choice of lifestyle, the equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are securely and irrevocably ensured under the protection of the United States Constitution. No one religious institution or radical conservative belief system may impose its own values upon the citizens of the entire country. Religious values, opinions, beliefs or standards can never become the sole basis for American laws. A country consisting of diverse citizens, each unique in his or her own beliefs, desires and needs cannot afford to sacrifice its protected personal freedoms by kneeling at an altar of theocracy. The explicit separation of church and religious institutions from those of state and governing bodies exists for the benefit of every citizen of the United States. Such separations provide benefits to the familial unit, current U.S. tax system and protect the right to lead a life free from oppression and bondage.

            The opposition to same-sex marriages has argued that homosexuality is not natural and, as Americans, we reject unnatural things. This is clearly illustrated in our rejection of unnatural things such as eyeglasses and air conditioning. It has also been argued that the sanctity of marriage will be compromised if homosexuals are allowed to enter into lawful matrimony. Britney Spears’ 55-hour, heterosexual marriage is proof positive that the integrity of marriage has long been compromised. Even more so, it has been argued that heterosexual marriage has been in existence much longer and has since been unchanged. However, women are no longer the property of their husbands, blacks and whites may enter into marriage and divorce is now legal.

            The impact gay marriages would have on children has been a topic of hot debate as well. Those who oppose homosexual marriages believe that such unions create negative environments for children. It is obvious to them that gay marriages will ultimately make others gay — much the same way hanging around tall people will make you taller. It is also obvious to them that straight parents only raise straight children. With this logic, gay couples are only capable of raising strictly gay children. It has also been argued that the overall success a child will have in the world is dependent upon having both a male and female parent. Never mind the single mother or father raising his or her college-bound child.

            The sole argument against the acceptance of same-sex marriage is a fanatical and blindly ignorant position. To deny homosexuals state-sanctioned marriages is oppressive and un-American. To disregard the guarantee of equal rights to all citizens of the United States as protected in our Constitution is appalling. It is shameful that opposition even exists in allowing free citizens of the United States to exercise the right to a peaceful and happy existence.

Corey Briley


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