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All Democratic leaders are liberal now
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    The story in Monday's August 20th issue of the Statesboro Herald in which the city leaders were upset with John Barrow for his support of House Bill HR 980 that would give Union collective bargaining rights to public safety and police officers at the local level, should be no big surprise. This is John Barrow showing his liberal ways. This is who he is, a Liberal.
    Any liberal bill in Congress that needs his vote to pass, you can count on him to vote for it. Raise your taxes, push socialized Canadian-style health care, and all the other liberal causes are his, too. Just because he is from Georgia doesn't make him a conservative. He is a Democrat. They are liberals. The Democratic Party would not back John Barrow if he were not a liberal.
    There are no conservative Democrats left in Georgia. That is why many former Democratic conservatives changed their party to Republican the past few elections. They were Democrats no longer welcomed by the Democratic Party. Zell Miller said it right, "I did not leave the Democratic Party; it left me".
    So, a vote for a Democrat is always a vote for a liberal. John Barrow is no exception!
Thomas F. McElwee
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